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Billy Boatright

Name: Billy Boatright
Age: 38
Location: Las Vegas, NV
40-time: 4.6 seconds
Information Security debut: 2008

Billy has danced in the clouds, knocked on heavens door, and solved a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

Billy began his social engineering career without even knowing it. He was a bartender on the Las Vegas Strip for the better part of a decade. He won numerous awards from all over the world as a Top-ranked Flair Bartender. He has taken the skills he learned behind the bar to the Information Security world. Billy has been a Judge for the Social Engineering Capture the Flag event at Defcon. He is also the namesake for the BSides Las Vegas Social Engineering Capture the Flag Championship Belt. Billy also volunteers time and expertise to the Las Vegas ISSA Chapter as a Board Member. He is also a member of the BSides Las Vegas Senior Staff.

Billy has multiple degrees and numerous certifications. However, when asked about them he will gladly quote George Moriarty, "The shining trophies on our shelves can never win tomorrow's game."

Billy is currently tailoring his methods to take advantage of his present situation.