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Tom Brenan

CREST International
Executive Director
New Jersey
Tom Brennan stands out as a distinguished cybersecurity executive and the U.S. division leader at CREST International, renowned for his profound impact on cybersecurity standards and practices. He excels in steering CREST's mission as a foremost accreditation body, ensuring robust cybersecurity protocols across the 16 critical infrastructure sectors as outlined by CISA.

In his pivotal role as Chairman of CREST USA, Tom spearheads major strategic initiatives. He is deeply committed to the promotion of accredited cybersecurity solutions and professional expertise, always with a keen focus on consumer privacy, security, and international safeguards. His proficiency spans a vast array of cybersecurity disciplines, including but not limited to, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, application security, and threat intelligence. This breadth of knowledge empowers Tom to infuse CREST with insightful leadership and vision.

Tom's expertise extends to his role as Chief Information Officer at Mandelbaum Barrett, where he is entrusted with overseeing critical facets of infrastructure, privacy, and security operations. His counsel is sought after in numerous advisory capacities, including at the Gerson Lehrman Group and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Additionally, his contributions as a member of the Cyber Fellows Advisory Council at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the OWASP Foundation underscore his standing in the cybersecurity community.

Not only a driving force in his professional milieu, Tom is also a revered speaker, published author, and recognized expert in cybersecurity. His array of certifications, including CERT, CISSP, C|EH, and IAM, further endorse his vast expertise. Tom Brennan’s relentless dedication and pioneering spirit continue to propel the cybersecurity sector forward, firmly establishing him as a visionary and leader in safeguarding our digital world.